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Spartan Boats

Spartan 200 Wide Camo

Spartan 200 Wide Camo


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The Spartan 200 Wide Camo takes fishing to the next level with its camouflage design. This inflatable carp boat is perfect for the angler who wants to fish in style and discretion.


Made from 0.9mm high quality PVC – 1100 Decitex, the Spartan 200 Wide Camo combines durability with elegance. The camouflage pattern makes it not only attractive but also functional for a more discreet fishing experience.


  • Internal Width: 85 cm
  • Weight: 31 kgs
  • Construction: With keel
  • Protection features: Heavy duty bumper, wide protection strips on the tubes and keel
  • Airdeck: Black airdeck with mounting strap for tank or battery
  • Oars: Double glued oars
  • Handles: On both sides, in the color of the boat
  • Maximum load capacity: 250 kg
  • Maximum power: 5hp / 3kw
  • Tube Diameter: ⌀ 35cm
  • Number of air chambers: 2
  • Standard accessories: Spacious black boat bag with 2-way zipper, set of paddles in black, high pressure foot pump, black adjustable bench, repair kit (including PVC in black and color, glue, valve and valve wrench).
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How long does a Spartanboat last on average with regular use?

Thanks to the high-quality construction of 0.9 mm PVC - 1100 Decitex, Spartan boats are designed to last for years in regular use, provided they are properly maintained and stored.

Is the Spartanboat suitable for both fresh and salt water?

Yes, our boats are designed to perform in both fresh and salt water. However, after use in salt water, we recommend rinsing the boat well with fresh water to prolong its life.

How fast can I inflate the boat and is the supplied pump sufficient?

With the included high-pressure foot pump, an average user can fully inflate the boat within 10-15 minutes. The pump is specially designed for our Spartan boats and is sufficient for normal use.

What is the maximum power and type of engine that I can fit on the boat?

The Spartanboat can support an engine with a maximum power of 15hp/11kw. Always check the specifications of the specific boat model to be sure.

What should I do if my boat leaks or gets damaged?

  • Each of our boats comes with a repair kit that includes black and colored PVC, glue, a valve and valve wrenches. Please contact our customer service for help with repairs or returns.